Join us in creating new narratives about what it means to live meaningfully in our culture.  Let's talk about living WholeHearted. 

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Man’s most cherished stories are not just a place for our imaginations to go to escape.  Something far more important is going on.  They are pointing us toward an eternal truth about what it means to be image-bearers of God and where our destiny lies should we accept our role in the Truest Story Ever Told. 

The Truest Story Ever Told Preview

A fresh perspective

Let's look at the values, assumptions and conventions of the culture and ask ourselves - Is this working?

Key WholeHearted Areas:

  • Let us tell tales. Let us tell tales–all the rest can wait, all the rest must wait. Let us tell tales–that is our primary obligation. Commentaries will have to come later, lest they replace or becloud what they mean to reveal. 
    Elie Wiesel