The Truest Story Ever Told

Humans are hardwired for stories.  We need stories to make sense of our lives and for insight on what the universe is expecting from us next.   The Truest Story Ever Told shows readers how one specific story arc found throughout the world’s most sacred stories can be used to find greater purpose, joy and adventure. This storytelling structure, labeled by the late mythologist Joseph Campbell as the HERO’S JOURNEY, describes the persistence of a particular set of themes in mythology and still used by today’s best storytellers.

Before walking readers through how to apply the various themes of the HERO’S JOURNEY in real modern day terms, Eddy points out that the reason these stories repeat themselves so often through history and have such power over us is because they all reflect one particular story—The Truest Story Ever Told – the Gospel story of Jesus Christ.  Jesus came as the ultimate expression of life and as an example God’s love for his creation.  He was the Hero of all Hero’s and now he invites us to join the narrative and to have his Hero story intertwine with ours so through our life we might continue to tell the Hero tale.     

What we learn through Eddy’s take on the HERO’S JOURNEY is that our most cherished stories are not just a place for our imaginations to go to escape. They are pointing us toward an eternal truth about what it means to be the image-bearers of God.  We have a new destiny.  Come lean how you can be a part of The Truest Story Ever Told.

"THE TRUEST STORY EVER TOLD provides an accessible introduction to the power of storytelling in our everyday lives, and how we can benefit from understanding the "day-to-day" not as a mundane existence, but rather as important sequences of events in a story greater than our own."
Dr. A
University Professor
"A beautifully written and thought provoking book that challenges the notion that intelligence and faith are mutually exclusive. I was blown away by the way that the Hero’s journey has persisted throughout time and inspired by the invitation to be an active participant in the journey rather than a passive bystander."
Beth G
Legal Professional

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Author Information

Mike Eddy is a writer and entrepreneur.  Mike and his wife, Whitney, co-founded WHOLEHEARTED, a platform for sharing ideas and resources to help people find their authentic stories as well as challenge the cultural assumptions, narratives and conventional wisdom that prevent people from living WholeHearted.   Mike and Whitney live in Atlanta, Georgia with two adventurous sons and a daughter who is convinced she is a princess. 

The Truest Story Ever Told is Mike’s debut book.