The heartbeat of Wholehearted is great stories.   We believe that living a great life has to do with telling a great story through it.  And that is what we are about here.

We all have narratives running through our minds all the time.  We tell ourselves stories when things go well in our life.  We tell ourselves stories when they don’t.  We have origin stories about where we come from and stories about where we are going, stories about who we are.  Stories are how we make sense of the world.

So the stories we tell ourselves matter.  If we want to make important changes in our life, we have to find a better story to live from.  If we want to help others, we must help them improve the stories they tell themselves.  If we want to change the culture of our workplace, school, church or community, we can start by changing the stories others tell themselves about those things.

Our mission at WholeHearted is to help people find their own authentic stories – stories they love and that make them come alive.  Part of that involves challenging cultural assumptions, conventions, pressure and expectations that hold people back from becoming who they were made to be.

Most importantly our hope is to point beyond ourselves and our own understanding to the master storyteller: God.  His drama has been unfolding since the beginning of time and we believe he has invited each one of us to play a role in his ongoing creation.  It won’t always be easy or safe to follow our part (what great story is?), but it will be worth it.  And